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Pollyanna Pixton

Pollyanna Pixton

President of Evolutionary Systems

Partner at Accelinnova

Pollyanna Pixton is President and Founder of Evolutionary Systems, a consulting firm that takes companies and organizations to the next level through collaboration and collaborative leadership. Her company works with the entire system of an organization, analyzing how, why and where the company can be strengthened to unleash innovation and improve productivity and profitability to reach key corporate goals. She brings over thirty-five years of executive and managerial experience to analyzing the "big picture." Evolutionary Systems consults with organizations and corporations and offers programs by collaboratively developing a suite of leadership seminars integrated with personal coaching, mentoring, practice and small think-tank sessions to resolve issues and provide support.

Ms. Pixton uses her collaboration and collaborative leadership models to support organizations in creating environments that are highly productive, innovative places encouraging people to contribute their talent and creativity, where new ideas are successfully implemented and sustained. She also directs a think-tank that works to increase collaboration and creativity, developing models of leadership for open environments. This work provides the foundational theories and practices of Evolutionary Systems and the Institute for Collaborative Leadership ( co-founded by Ms. Pixton. She recently collaborated to co-found Accelinnova, a consortium of leadership consultants and thought leaders to assist companies in developing cultures of innovation.

Ms. Pixton was primarily responsible for building the Swiss Electronic Stock Exchange, developing sophisticated control systems for electrical powerplants throughout the world, and converting complex technologies and data systems to merge large financial institutions. Her background includes leading the development of e-commerce projects, real-time applications, positioning systems, and original computational research. She was selected as one of thirty Visionary Women to Watch, a program that recognizes women who bring new insight to their fields. She is a sought-after keynote speaker and lecturer at universities in the areas of business ethics, organizational development, and collaborative leadership.

Her work in the non-profit community includes serving as the President of the Utah Nonprofits Association Board of Trustees and as the Program Chair on the Outdoor Industry Women’s Coalition. She co-founded the Agile Project Leadership Network ( and serves as an Executive on that board as well as the 2006-2009 Chair of the APLN Leadership Summits. She also serves on the working committee for the Utah Women’s Leadership Network. She has served as the President of the Vest Pocket Business Coalition, on the Utah Progressive Network board, the Psychological Healthy Workplaces Advisory Board, and the Health Information Management Society board.


Collaborative Leadership: An Overview

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