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MySQL High Availability Realized

Eric David Benari, PMP, Executive Editor of the IT Management & Leadership eMagazine

HD-video of Continuent CTO Edward Archibald demonstrating in a live demo how to build a highly-available, scalable, multi-site database infrastructure based on MySQL, MariaDB or Percona XtraDB

Edward Archibald, CTO of Continuent, the leading provider of data replication and database clustering solutions for open source DBMS. He brings nearly 30 years of distributed systems architecture and engineering experience. Prior to Continuent, Edward was the Sr. Director of Data Services at Moody's Analytics, the DBMS connectivity lead at Forte Software, and was responsible for architecture, design and engineering leadership for a number of innovative DBMS and middleware solutions at Sybase, including Replication Server and Open Server, as well as fault-tolerant features for Sybase SQL Server.

Hosted by Eric David Benari, Chairman of Database Month

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