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MySQL at Facebook, Current and Future

Eric David Benari, PMP, Executive Editor of the IT Management & Leadership eMagazine

Facebook's MySQL Database Engineer, Harrison Fisk, discusses how Facebook uses MySQL in HD-video at the Percona Live MySQL Conference NYC

HD-video of how Facebook currently uses MySQL, what challenges face the world’s largest MySQL user, how they have solved many of them, and what remains. Facebook's MySQL deployment is notable not only for its size, but also for how openly Facebook shares the details about their deployment.

Presented by Harrison Fisk (Facebook) at Percona Live NYC 2011.

Harrison Fisk, MySQL Database Engineer, Facebook

Harrison is a member of the Facebook database performance team. He spent over 7 years at MySQL AB and Sun Microsystems as a Trainer, Consultant, and Staff Support Engineer. He co-authored the book MySQL Clustering.

Republished with permission from Percona.TV

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