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Quick Wins: Performance Tuning + 3rd Party Patches for MySQL

Eric David Benari, PMP, Executive Editor of the IT Management & Leadership eMagazine

HD 720p video of Percona Expert Morgan Tocker presenting MySQL Performance Tuning & 3rd Party Patches to the NYC MySQL Group at Sun Microsystems

Morgan Tocker is Director of Training at Percona where he provides world famous scaling advice to Web 2.0 and Fortune 100 clients. He is a regular presenter on PHP and MySQL, having spoken at conferences such as PHP Quebec, the MySQL Conference, PHP-Tek, PHP-works and International PHP Conference.

Prior to Percona, Morgan worked at MySQL AB (acquired by Sun Microsystems) as a Support Engineer and Technical Instructor teaching courses in Database Administration, High Availability and Performance Tuning.

Hosted by Eric David Benari, Organizer of the NYC MySQL Group

Full-HD 720p (24fps) video of Quick Wins: Performance Tuning + 3rd Party Patches for MySQL

Some of the topics that Morgan tackles are:

  • Discovering performance bottlenecks
  • Optimization vs. adding hardware
  • Tuning InnoDB/XtraDB indexes
  • MySQL caching and configuration
  • How to analyze what MySQL is doing under the hood of each query
  • MySQL 3rd Party Patches
  • Finding dead-indexes

Pre-Session Q&A (HD 720p24)

Some of the topics covered in Q&A are:

  • MySQL forks and branches
  • Future InnoDB enhancements
  • Statistics generation
  • MySQL vs. MS SQL Server
  • Administration tools for MySQL
  • Dual-Master replication and update patching
  • Real-world high-availability plans

Post-Event Contest

Post-event contest includes

  • MySQL trivia
  • Lots of fun & prizes!


Presentation slides

Download the presentation slides (PDF)


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