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Eric David Benari, PMP, Executive Editor of the IT Management & Leadership eMagazine

An accelerated-learning crash-course on MySQL caching, sharding and replication in 720p HD-video by Peter Zaitsev, CEO and Founder of Percona, the MySQL-performance company.

Peter Zaitsev, CEO and Founder of Percona, was personally recruited by MySQL Founder Monty Widenius to join MySQL in 2002. Peter managed the High Performance Group within the MySQL Support Team until 2006, when he left to found Percona. He has since guided Percona from a two-person bootstrapped start-up to what has become a 40-person Silicon Valley firm with an international reputation.

Peter's work has contributed to dozens of MySQL appliances, storage engines, replication systems, and other technologies. He has advised some of the world's largest MySQL users - including many Fortune 500 firms and household-name web sites - on MySQL best practices, especially performance scaling and optimization. Peter has co-authored High Performance MySQL, 2nd Edition along with two other Percona experts and is frequently invited as a guest at open source conferences; he has been a sell-out speaker at the yearly MySQL User Conference since its inception.

Hosted by Eric David Benari, Organizer of the NYC MySQL Group

Scaling Apps for Monster Traffic! was an event of the NYC MySQL Group with NYCTechnologyLadder

Taking Names for MySQL Talent

Scaling Apps for Monster Traffic!

John Hazard, News Editor at TheLadders, has published a post-event summary of the power-networking opportunities at this NYC MySQL Group event.

It’s after 8 p.m. on Wednesday night and Neil Mody is scanning the crowd. He’s looking for someone. He doesn’t know who yet, so he collects names and information. He plans to call on some of those names when he runs into trouble.

A few rows in front of him in a generic New York office space, Peter Wolanin is doing the same thing. He may recruit some of the people he meets here tonight.

Mody and Wolanin are database developers and both were at NYCTechnologyLadder’s Hudson St. office to attended the NYC MySQL Group Meetup. Both said Meetups like the MySQL group have become an important part of the networking on which their careers thrive.

For Mody, founder of nrelate, which builds custom related-content plugins for content-management systems, the events are an opportunity to learn what other people already know and put people in your corner.

“I am here for the contacts,? he said. “Not just who to know to ask for a job or to hire, but who to know to call on when I run into something I have never seen before. By coming here and finding out what everyone’s speciality is and what everyone is working on, I develop a list of contacts I can call on.?

Wolanin, a Drupal developer and “momentum specialist? at Acquia, said the database-developer community was already well connected online and forums and user groups present adequate opportunity to find help, employees and jobs. But the intimacy members find in attending Meetups drives stronger connections.

“Often it’s just about face-to-face encounters,? he said. “You see the same people you see online, but in a different way. You develop a network. That is something you wouldn’t have otherwise. The quality of interaction is higher. You dive in to problems, you help and you are helped.?

Eric David Benari is the CTO of PlumWillow, a social shopping network, and the organizer of the Meetup, which lists more than 1,470 members. He said the group’s aim is basic enrichment and education, but the tertiary benefit most find in networking with fellow developers probably rivals the enrichment factor in value for most members.

“When you know people, you have more power in your career,? he said. “Whatever you are trying to do, you are giving yourself an advantage by knowing more people who do what you do.?

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