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HP Hatchery Startup Ecosystem - Scaling with CTOs

Eric David Benari, PMP, Executive Editor of the IT Management & Leadership eMagazine

Video of the CTO panel discussion at the private invite-only HP Hatchery Startup Ecosystem event, consisting of CTOs from Gilt Groupe, and PlumWillow / NYC MySQL Group

The HP Hatchery Startup Ecosystem is a special private invite-only event focused on helping innovative technology companies accelerate to the next level.  The event brings up and coming CEOs and CTOs together with a evening of serial entrepreneurs, investors, and success stories to help you blow it out the water — in business and technology.  It's time to scale!

The company that gave the startup ecosystem the expression "2 guys in a garage" And Silicon Valley its official birthplace...
Now has over $125B in revenues and is the largest IT company in the world.
HP is dedicated to enabling innovation and collaborating with startups and now makes its resources available to the community via its Startup Ecosystem Programs, which include programs for app development, for go-to-market motions, intellectual property and much more.  The selected companies will receive:

    * Business development opportunity for integration into HP.
    * Engineers to assess and advise on technology scaling.
    * Financing for technology scaling.

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Eric David Benari, PlumWillow CTOEric David Benari - NYC MySQL Group, CTO PlumWillow

Eric David Benari is Founder of the IT Management Group, Co-Founder & CTO of Social-Shopping Network PlumWillow, Organizer of the NYC MySQL Group (the world's largest database Meetup) and Chief Architect of the Vork Enterprise Framework. Eric is a master-technologist and Internet-business expert with 11-years of IT experience who has been invited to speak at numerous universities and conferences; he is also a published writer for, MIT CIO Corner and other journals. Eric's credentials include PMI-Certified Project Management Professional (PMP), Zend Certified Engineer (of PHP,) Oracle-Certified MySQL Developer & Oracle-Certified Database Administrator (DBA.)


Mike Bryzek, Gilt Groupe CTOMichael Bryzek – CTO Gilt Groupe

Michael brings extensive experience in developing user-focused internet software and a deep passion for leveraging technology to streamline logistics. Prior to Gilt Groupe, Michael founded Volunteer Solutions, an internet application service provider for the philanthropic sector. Volunteer Solutions was acquired by United Way of America in 2001. Michael then served as Chief Technology Officer for United eWay, the United Way of America's technology subsidiary. He holds a B.S. and Masters Degree in Computer Science from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.


Justin Day, CTOJustin Day – CTO

As's CTO, Justin Day manages software development and oversees the design and implementation of the company's private label software licensing partnerships.

Before, Justin was the lead ASP.NET 2.0 developer at Capital Printing, Inc., building Web applications to take the company paperless. The primary management web application, Ice, builds on an enhanced framework developed by Justin to take advantage of AJAX, JSON, and the newest features of C# 2.0.

In 2002, Justin co-founded the consulting firm Persite Communications, which develops custom solutions for retail stores for point of sale, surveillance and music systems. Justin was the lead developer on a new service allowing customers to activate AT&T cell phones on the Web, a technical feat AT&T had said "couldn't be done." He also worked with Western Union to develop software connecting customers to the SwiftPay system. At Persite, Justin managed a technical staff of six programmers and technicians.

Before Persite, Justin worked at the California-based Arrigoni and Associates, where he led a team working to create a linux-based security appliance simple enough for an AOL user to manage. Justin also worked at the ISP Inforum Communications, writing an advanced customer service and support management system.

Justin began his technology career in 1995, developing chemical inventory tracking software for the California agricultural company AgrEvo USA.

As a side project, in 2002 Justin and co-founder and CEO Mike Hudack developed Blogfoot, the first mobile blogging system to support SprintPCS phone-to-blog picture sharing.

In 2000, Justin founded the community website The site is now home to tens of thousands of enthusiastic fans who share links to interesting corners of the Web at all hours of the day and night. It has an advanced reputation and promotion system for its members, powered by software now used by Blip. Linkfilter attracts 300,000 visitors a month and has been so successful at community building members hold annual Secret Santa events and fly across the country to meet each other.

In 1998, before almost anyone was blogging, Justin created JPLT (Just Pages Linked Together), a daily-updated blog featuring news about technology.

Justin has worked in nearly every platform and language and holds a B.S. in computer science from California State University Fresno.

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